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Equifax Data Breach

In September, Equifax Inc., one of the three major credit reporting agencies, identified a cybersecurity incident impacting 143 million U.S. consumers. According to the report, information such as names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses, and in some instances driver’s licenses and credit card numbers, may have been compromised.

The recent cybersecurity incident reminds us that you can never be 100% protected against cybercrime. While Equifax is fresh on our minds, there have been four other larger data breaches. Since 2013, there have been seven major breaches each affecting more than 100 million users. 

For more than 58 years, Secured Advantage has been dedicated to information security, and your privacy and safety remain a top priority today. All data exchanges between your device and our computers is encrypted. When you enter, you pass through a robust firewall and a variety of filters. Secure logins are used to protect your data and transmissions over the Internet.

While digital theft makes the headlines, online payments provide more safety measures than an unlocked mailbox. Keep confidential information confidential by shredding your mail and keeping your computer and mobile devices secure.

You can do your part to fight online identity theft by creating stronger passwords, installing firewall and anti-virus software, and ignoring unsolicited links, attachments and email requests for private financial information. Also, don’t overshare information on social media, and talk to your kids about online safety.

If you are concerned about the Equifax brief, visit where you can enroll in complimentary identity theft protection and credit file monitoring.


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