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Why Rage Against the Fees?

There are all kinds of annoying bank fees. Early account closure fee. Huh? Redeeming rewards points fee. Say what now? Staff assisted withdraw fees. Oh no!

At Secured Advantage, we aim to help our members get ahead. We don't charge the fees that the other banks do. And as part of CO-OP's network of nearly 30,000 ATMs, say goodbye to ATM surcharges. You get free access to your money.  

Did high fees drive you away from your old bank? Have you discovered the many benefits of credit union membership? Share your story now! When you do, you'll receive a free Rage Against the Fees kit including a t-shirt and sticker! 

Click the link to share your story: Rage Against the Fees










Join Secured Advantage and rock on with no fees!







*Avoid monthly maintenance fees with combined ACH direct deposits totaling $500 or more per statement cycle OR $1,500 average checking balance per statement cycle or Personal BB&T Mortgage. **Avoid monthly service fee with $10,000 or more in combined deposit balances or direct deposits totaling $1,000 or more or a linked Wells Fargo home mortgage. ***Monthly service charge is waived with at least one qualifying $200 direct deposit during the current statement cycle.



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